Season 1931-32Rangers

6th May 1931
Scottish Football Association Annual Meeting
Cup Competitions Reorganisation Approved
A lively discussion took place when consideration was given in the proposed alterations of cup competition rules as recommended by the Council. Moving their approval, the Chairman said the proposal affected the Qualifying and Scottish Cups.
At present the number of qualifiers was 22, and if the alterations were passed these would be reduced to eight. Present exemptions from the Scottish Cup proper would be reduced from 42 to the number of clubs comprising the First and Second Division of the League. Two cups would be provided for the Qualifying Cup competition – one for the north and one for the south. The Association would present medals to the winners of the trophies.
Mr Campbell said that he did not think there could be any argument put forward for the continuance of the existing position of the Qualifying and Scottish Cup competitions. To suggest that they could continue the existing state of matters would mean that clubs who were not bona-fide clubs might enter the Scottish Cup proper without having played a tie. He thought that at this time of day they must eliminate any such possibility. If the alteration was passed it would mean that only those clubs which had got into the fourth round of the Qualifying Cup could have a chance of entering the Scottish Cup. That would make certain that only bona-fide clubs could enter the Scottish Cup, and he contended that it would be to the betterment of the qualifying competition itself.
The idea of having two cups was to avoid long journeys and the great expense entailed upon a club in the North and a club in the South meeting in the final of the Qualifying Cup. The drawings at the Qualifying Cup finals, he said, were not commensurate with the expense involved. They would have better gates and more keen competition than at present existed, and he thought that the proposal would make for an improvement in the competition. It was an extraordinary thing but for the last few years they had more clubs in the Scottish Cup proper than in the Qualifying Cup. They would agree that this state of affair was quite contrary to what they desired.
Colonel Shaughnessy, seconding, asked the members not to run away with the idea that any of the big clubs in Glasgow objected to going to Inverness or anywhere else far distant. They did not. Personally he thought it was a farce to have clubs in the Scottish Cup who had never kicked a ball in the Qualifying Cup competition. It was to get rid of that farce that these recommendations were put before them.
Too Drastic
Mr J. Rutherford, Perth, in moving the status quo, said that though the resolution was being put forward by the Council, it was by no means unanimous. He thought the reduction was far too drastic, as it meant fourteen fewer clubs in the Scottish Cup, and, unfortunately, these were the clubs who were not associated with the Scottish League. The argument put forward that this was to prevent bogus clubs entering the Scottish Cup, and at any rate 14 never did. It was an extraordinary thing that Scottish League clubs were not in favour in any reduction in the League to benefit League football, but apparently they were in favour of a solution in the Scottish Cup competition to benefit Scottish football. How they could be reconciled to those ideas he did not know.
Mr Rutherford complained that when the Committee considered the proposition, the country clubs were not consulted. He contended that the proposals were bad, and that the Committee should be asked to recast them on a more equitable basis.
Mr A. Forbes, Inverness, seconded. He felt that the proposals were not for the benefit of football in general throughout the country. They were quite prepared as provincial clubs to meet them halfway by reducing the number of qualifiers to 16, but could not see their way to agree that it was in the interests of the game to reduce the number to eight.
Supporting the motion, Mr Fleming, Paisley, said that, regarding the Qualifying Cup competition, they felt that the clubs would be amply compensated by the increased support.
On a vote being taken, the proposals were approved by 35 votes to 21.
Ref: Scotsman 7th May 1931

 Qualifying Cup First Round
Sep12  0-2  Tarff Rovers v Stranraer
Sep12  3-2  Wigtown and Bladnoch v Newton Stewart
       bye  Whithorn
 Dumfries-shire, and Kirkcudbrightshire
Sep12  0-2  Creetown v Thornhill
Sep12  1-0  St Cuthbert Wanderers v Douglas Wanderers
Sep12  2-2  Dalbeattie Star v Solway Star
Sep19  1-3  Solway Star v Dalbeattie Star
Sep12  1-4  Mid-Annandale v Nithsdale Wanderers
 Ayrshire, Renfrewshire, Lanarkshire, and Dumbartonshire
Sep12  3-0  Glasgow Transport v Paisley Grammar School F.P.
Sep12  scr  Clydebank v Galston Amatuers w/o
        –   Moorpark v Royal Albert
Sep12  1-9  Paisley Academicals v Beith
Sep12  4-3  Greenock High School F.P. v Vale of Ocoba
       bye  Glasgow University
 East of Scotland, and Border Counties
Sep12  2-1  Peebles Rovers v Duns
Sep12  5-1  Penicuik Athletic v* Civil Service Strollers
Sep12  7-2  Murrayfield Amateurs v Gala Fairydean
Sep12  5-2  Berwick Rangers v Coldstream
Sep12  2-1  Vale of Leithen v Selkirk
Sep12  3-1  Leith Amateurs v Bathgate
       bye  Edinburgh University
 Perthshire, Stirlingshire, and Clackmannanshire
Sep12  scr  Clackmannan v Larbert Amateurs w/o
Sep12  0-1  Blairgowrie v Falkirk Amateurs
Sep12  6-3  Dunkeld and Birnam v Breadalbane
       bye  Vale of Atholl
Sep12  1-1  Burntisland Shipyard Amateurs v Lochgelly Amateurs
Sep19  4-2  Lochgelly Amateurs v Burntisland Shipyard Amateurs
       bye  St Andrews University
 Aberdeenshire, and Banffshire
Sep12  2-1  Huntly v Fraserburgh
Sep12  1-1  Buckie Thistle v Peterhead
Sep19  0-0  Peterhead v Buckie Thistle
Sep26  4-0  Buckie Thistle v Peterhead  at Banff
Sep12  5-2  Keith v Banff
       bye  Aberdeen University
 North of Scotland
Sep12  1-4  Forres Mechanics v Inverness Thistle
Sep12  0-2  Inverness Caledonian v Inverness Citadel
Sep12  5-2  Elgin City v Wick Academy
Sep12  2-2  Nairn County v Ross County
Sep19  5-1  Ross County v Nairn County
       bye  Clachnacuddin
 Qualifying Cup Second Round
 Southern Counties
Sep26  6-2  Thornhill v Whithorn
Sep26  1-3  Wigtown and Bladnoch v St Cuthbert Wanderers
Sep26  8-2  Dalbeattie Star v Nithsdale Wanderers
       bye  Stranraer
 Ayrshire, Renfrewshire, Lanarkshire, and Dumbartonshire
Sep26  4-1  Beith v Glasgow Transport
Sep26  2-1  Glasgow University v Moorpark
Sep26  0-7  Greenock High School F.P. v Galston
 East of Scotland, and Border Counties
Sep26  1-2  Peebles Rovers v Murrayfield Amateurs
Sep26  scr  Edinburgh University v Leith Amateurs w/o
Sep26  3-3  Vale of Leithen v Berwick Rangers
Oct03  2-1  Berwick Rangers v Vale of Leithen
       bye  Penicuik Athletic
 Perthshire, Stirlingshire, Clackmannanshire, and Fifeshire
Sep26  5-1  Falkirk Amateurs v Vale of Atholl
       w/o  Larbert Amateurs v St Andrews University scr
Sep26  6-0  Lochgelly Amateurs v Dunkeld and Birnam
 Aberdeenshire, and Banffshire
Oct03  4-2  Keith v Buckie Thistle
Sep26  2-0  Huntly v* Aberdeen University
 North of Scotland
Sep26  1-2  Elgin City v Ross County
Sep26  5-1  Inverness Thistle v Clachnacuddin
       bye  Inverness Citadel
 Qualifying Cup Third Round
Oct10  2-2  Glasgow University v Stranraer
Oct17  3-0  Stranraer v Glasgow University
Oct10  0-1  Galston v Dalbeattie Star
Oct10  5-1  Beith v St Cuthbert Wanderers
       bye  Thornhill
Oct10  3-1  Lochgelly Amateurs v Leith Amateurs
Oct10  3-2  Penicuik Athletic v* Larbert Amateurs
Oct10  4-1  Murrayfield Amateurs v Berwick Rangers
       bye  Falkirk Amateurs
 Aberdeenshire, and Banffshire
Oct10  2-1  Huntly v Keith
Oct10  3-1  Inverness Citadel v Ross County
       bye  Inverness Thistle
 Qualifying Cup Fourth Round
       bye  Stranraer, Dalbeattie Star, Beith, Thornhill
Oct24  3-1  Lochgelly Amateurs v Falkirk Amateurs
Oct24  3-2  Murrayfield Amateurs v Penicuik Athletic
 Aberdeenshire, and Banffshire
       bye  Inverness Citadel
Oct24  1-3  Huntly v Inverness Thistle
 Qualifying Cup Semi-finals – These 8 teams qualified for the First Round proper
 South of Scotland
Nov07  3-0  Beith v Stranraer
Nov07  1-5  Thornhill v Dalbeattie Star
 North of Scotland
Nov04  0-0  Inverness Citadel v Lochgelly Amateurs
Nov07  0-1  Lochgelly Amateurs v Inverness Citadel
Nov07  1-4  Inverness Thistle v Murrayfield Amateurs
 Qualifying Cup Finals
Nov28  6-1  Beith v Dalbeattie Star  at Rugby Park
Nov28  3-3  Inverness Citadel v Murrayfield Amateurs  at Pittodrie
Dec05  2-2  Inverness Citadel v Murrayfield Amateurs
Dec12  4-1  Inverness Citadel v Murrayfield Amateurs  at Easter Road
 First Round
Jan16 11-1  Queen of the South v Stranraer
Jan16  1-1  Leith Athletic v Albion Rovers
Jan20  4-2  Albion Rovers v Leith Athletic a.e.t. 2-2
Jan16  2-1  Arbroath v Aberdeen
Jan16  4-1  Queen’s Park v St Mirren
Jan16  4-3  St Bernard’s v Beith
Jan16  3-3  Ayr United v St Johnstone
Jan20  2-0  St Johnstone v Ayr United
Jan16  2-0  Hamilton Academical v Dumbarton
Jan16  0-3  Inverness Citadel v Partick Thistle
Jan16  5-2  Dunfermline Athletic v East Stirlingshire
Jan16  4-0  Clyde v Third Lanark
Jan16  7-2  Motherwell v Stenhousemuir
Jan13  0-3  Murrayfield Amateurs v Edinburgh City  at Tynecastle Park
Jan16  2-3  Hibernian v Dundee United
Jan16  5-1  Cowdenbeath v Alloa Athletic
Jan16  8-1  Raith Rovers v Inverness Thistle
Jan16  4-1  Dundee v Greenock Morton
Jan16  8-2  Rangers v Brechin City
Jan16 13-3  Heart of Midlothian v* Lochgelly Amateurs
Jan16  4-1  Kilmarnock v East Fife
Jan16  3-2  Celtic v Falkirk
Jan16  7-1  King’s Park v Thornhill
Jan16  1-3  Forfar Athletic v Airdrieonians
Jan16  3-1  Armadale v Montrose
Jan16  2-3  Dalbeattie Star v Bo’ness
 Second Round
Jan30  2-2  Queen of the South v Dundee United
Feb03  1-1  Dundee United v Queen of the South a.e.t. 1-1
Feb08  1-2  Queen of the South v Dundee United  at Ibrox Park
Jan30  4-1  Heart of Midlothian v Cowdenbeath
Jan30  1-0  Clyde v Arbroath
Jan30  2-4  St Johnstone v Celtic
Jan30  2-0  Kilmarnock v Albion Rovers
Jan30  0-2  Queen’s Park v Motherwell
Jan30  2-2  Bo’ness v Partick Thistle
Feb03  5-1  Partick Thistle v Bo’ness
Jan30  1-0  Dunfermline Athletic v Dundee
Jan30  5-2  Hamilton Academical v Armadale
Jan30  2-3  Edinburgh City v St Bernard’s
Jan30  2-2  Airdrieonians v King’s Park
Feb03  1-3  King’s Park v Airdrieonians
Jan30  0-5  Raith Rovers v Rangers
 Third Round
Feb13  2-0  Clyde v St Bernard’s
Feb13  1-1  Dundee United v Kilmarnock
Feb17  3-0  Kilmarnock v Dundee United
Feb13  0-1  Heart of Midlothian v Rangers
Feb13  2-0  Motherwell v Celtic
       bye  Airdrieonians, Partick Thistle,
            Dunfermline Athletic, Hamilton Academical
 Fourth Round
Mar05  1-3  Dunfermline Athletic v Kilmarnock
Mar05  2-0  Rangers v Motherwell
Mar05  4-1  Airdrieonians v Partick Thistle
Mar05  0-2  Clyde v Hamilton Academical
Mar26  2-5  Hamilton Academical v Rangers  at Celtic Park
Mar26  2-3  Airdrieonians v Kilmarnock  at Firhill Park
Apr16  1-1  Rangers v Kilmarnock  at Hampden Park
Apr20  3-0  Rangers v Kilmarnock  at Hampden Park