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The Beautiful Dribbling Game
ISBN/EAN13:0995699801 / 9780995699809

Journey back to the pioneering days of Association football in the 19th century through the eyes of the journalists of the day. See the complete early Laws of the Game and match report references to “touches down”, “tape”, “flags” and “umpires” prior to the introduction of corner kicks, crossbars, touchline markings and linesmen respectively. Read how instances of defenders punching goal-ward shots led to the penalty kick and the Royal Albert player who scored the world’s first. The important role played by Queen’s Park in instituting the game in Scotland.

With around 500 references, this book provides an extensive account of the Scottish F.A. Challenge Cup in the Victorian era. These include – early friendlies, S.F.A. formation, rough play, accidents, injuries, broken bones, deaths, high scoring matches (36-0, 35-0, 7-7, 0-17 …), fights, swearing … committee meetings, protests – nearly all of those upheld and the more interesting dismissals, illegal crossbar heights & pitch sizes, irregularities, professionalism, club admissions & expulsions … crowd encroachment, riots & brick throwing, horses on the field of play, rifle bullets whizzing over players and spectators, trees & quarries adjacent to the touchline … referee abuse, claims of refereeing incompetence, pipe smoking & intoxication … games played in blizzards, torrential rain, deep snow & hurricanes … walkovers, on field scratchings, abandonments, disputes & walk offs … cup tie public fraudulence & criminal action … community tragedies … novelty items like 4 a-side & 5 a-side competitions, flute band, Russian sailors … the first exhibition matches under electric light … and much more.This publication also boasts the most accurate and comprehensive Challenge Cup tie results collection for the period 1873-1900 incorporating unique results and date information.