Scottish League Results Android App Project

(last updated 19-Sep-21)

This is the support page for my non-commercial (free!) Android App.


None yet. A beta version is expected before the end of the year.

Key Features

  • Full all-Division League Table & Results support from 1890 to date
  • Home, Away, Goal Ave/Diff/Points-per-Game & Final team record League Table view options
  • Navigation through all league match dates – with day’s results and League Table standings
  • Colour coded team results display win (green) draw (yellow) defeat (red)
  • Team results display options of All or  Home & Away split
  • Highlighted elected/promoted & demoted/relegated teams
  • Teams involved in play-offs highlighted (promoted, relegated or status quo)
  • League & Club records e.g. highest win, unbeaten runs, titles etc. Separate First Tier League record set.
  • Play-off results

Demo Screenshots (19-Sep-21)

Main menu, User Guide and League Records

League Tables and Results selection

League table view for match dates

Teams results – All or Home & Away split mode

League display modes

League display modes ctd.

Club Information

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    To Do Features and Bug Fixes

    • Add further Club Information e.g. location, founded etc. 
    • Obtain approval to use Historical Kits images
    • Add play-off results page
    • Add support for different clubs with the same name e.g. Airdrieonians
    • Develop more tests and run on multiple emulators


    The British Newspaper Archive

    The App background originates from an 1891 Dundee Evening Telegraph newspaper page image which is:- © The British Library Board. All rights reserved. With thanks to The British Newspaper Archive ( 

    Scottish Football Historical Archive

    Many thanks to Brian McColl ( for supplying me with some missing result details and kind permission to use Club information from his invaluable website.

    Results Collection & Missing Information

    The App is based on a brand new league results collection compiled over the last decade from online resources including:- Google’s Glasgow Heralds & Evening Times, ProQuest’s Scotsman archive and BNA’s newspaper collection.

    Inevitably, there are several match details and information I am currently missing and which I will need to accurately complete the project. These are detailed below in case anyone can help.

    • When Lochgelly United were awarded points for abandoned 27th Feb 1915 match vs East Stirlingshire (c. 22 Mar?)
    • When St Johnstone v Cowdenbeath match, 16th Jan 1915, not recognised by League as an official game. (c. 26 Jan?)
    • Galston v Mid-Annandale match result & date.  (BMc 1-4 23-Apr-1924)
    • Dykehead v Beith match result & date. (BMc 5-1 28-Apr-1924)
    • Helensburgh v Dykehead match result & date. (BMc 1-0 08-Apr-1925)
    • Solway Star  v Royal Albert match result & date. (BMc 1-0 13-Apr-1925)
    • Peebles Rovers v Leith Athletic match result & date. (BMc 1-1 20-Apr-1925)
    • Clackmannan v Dykehead match result & date. (BMc 1-1 21-Apr-1925)
    • Galston v Clackmannan match result & date. (BMc 2-1 24-Apr-1925)
    • Beith v Leith Athletic match result & date. (BMc 2-4 21-Apr-1926)
    • When the abandoned Kilmarnock ‘A’ v Albion Rovers ‘A’ match result of 11th Feb 1950 was allowed to stand. (Possibly late Apr early May)
    • When the abandoned East Stirlingshire v Kilmarnock ‘A’ match result of 2nd May 1951 was allowed to stand. (Possibly c. 03 May)
    • When Brechin City were awarded the points for their abandoned 2nd Jan 1951 match v Montrose. (c. 03 May)
    • Result of the Stranraer v St Mirren ‘A’ match of 8th Sep 1951. 3-0 or 3-1? (BMc 3-1)
    • Result of Partick Thistle ‘A’ v Queen of the South ‘A’ match of 31st Dec 1954. (Was 4-0 HT). (BMc 6-2)
    • Queen of the South ‘A’ v Kilmarnock ‘A’ match date & result.  (BMc 1-1 25-Apr-1955)
    • Celtic ‘A’ v Stirling Albion ‘A’ match date & result. (BMc 1-0 07-May-1955)

    ChangeLog (Since 02-Aug-21)

    • 18-Sep-21 – Added Points-per-Game league display mode for season 2019-20
    • 16-Sep-21 – First Tier League and Club records added
    • 13-Sep-21 – Championship titles added to Club Information
    • 13-Sep-21 – Season Information started. Completed 1890-91.
    • 12-Sep-21 – Completed miscellaneous league comments such as points deductions
    • 11-Sep-21 – League Records and About pages now active
    • 10-Sep-21 – Fixed bug for when record is not applicable  e.g.  Kelty Hearts biggest defeat
    • 08-Sep-21 – Multiple occurrences of a team’s record now displayed
    • 06-Sep-21 – Fixed 1914-15 unofficial St Johnstone v Cowdenbeath match adjustment
    • 06-Sep-21 – Permission request to use strips from HistoricalKits in Club Information
    • 05-Sep-21 – League appearances with tier summary + ranking added to records
    • 02-Sep-21 – Response from BNA enabling use of newspaper image in background
    • 02-Sep-21 – Copyright notice added
    • 02-Sep-21 – User Guide page created mainly in support of League Table and Results
    • 31-Aug-21 – Goal Average & Difference League Table mode added according to season
    • 31-Aug-21 – Various formatting changes such as adding an empty line before day results
    • 30-Aug-21 – Implemented 1923-24 Dundee Hibs to United mid-season name change
    • 29-Aug-21 – Requested permission to use BNA newspaper image
    • 29-Aug-21 – Created BNA newspaper image derived common page background 
    • 29-Aug-21 – Finalised team records page formatting
    • 28-Aug-21 – Initial team records now viewable 
    • 27-Aug-21 – Colour support for  team name added for use in team records header 
    • 26-Aug-21 – Team records database table auto-generated
    • 25-Aug-21 – script developed to obtain team records
    • 23-Aug-21 – Empty Team records, League records and Season info pages added
    • 22-Aug-21 – Main menu added with additional options
    • 21-Aug-21 – Teams involved in Re-elections etc. highlighted
    • 19-Aug-21 – Fixed several minor screen layout anomalies 
    • 19-Aug-21 – Fixed 1932-33 crash due to Bo’ness & Armadale results adjustment
    • 19-Aug-21 – Team results’ win draw & loss highlighting revamped
    • 19-Aug-21 – Team league table highlighting (promotion etc.) revamped
    • 19-Aug-21 – SQLite DB now fully auto-generated from Spreadsheet via Python script
    • 19-Aug-21 – Results collection transferred to Open Document Spreadsheet
    • 18-Aug-21 – Fixed double weekday seen on Pixel 2 phone emulator
    • 18-Aug-21 – Further refactoring of C# source code
    • 17-Aug-21 – Fixed memory leak leading to app becoming slow and failing tests
    • 15-Aug-21 – Initial highlighting of teams promoted, related or involved in play-offs
    • 12-Aug-21 – Test script can now ‘press’ buttons on Results App on phone
    • 12-Aug-21 – UITest framework now installing APK on Samsung S7 phone
    • 11-Aug-21 – Fixed APK release installation crash problem
    • 09-Aug-21 – Created first ad-hoc signed APK installation file
    • 08-Aug-21 – Completed teams points deductions
    • 06-Aug-21 – Added various team record deletions & point adjustments up to 1930
    • 05-Aug-21 – Added All or Home Away split team results display mode option
    • 04-Aug-21 – Asterisk suffix added to teams with point deductions
    • 04-Aug-21 – Position width fixed
    • 04-Aug-21 – Goal average introduction corrected to that of season 1908-09
    • 04-Aug-21 – League table sorting speeded up
    • 04-Aug-21 – Re-election test match results and positional changes added
    • 03-Aug-21 – Splash screen presence reduced from 4 seconds to 0.5 second
    • 03-Aug-21 – Points deductions added for period 1895-1923
    • 03-Aug-21 – Miscellaneous database table refactored
    • 02-Aug-21 – Promoted/Elected & Demoted/Relegated teams now highlighted on last season date
    • 02-Aug-21 – 1897-98 date walk-through crash fix associated with Renton’s replacement by Hamilton