Season 1900-01

17th May 1900
Scottish Football Association – Clubs Exempted
Twenty clubs were proposed for exemption from the Qualifying Cup competition, and upon a division the following sixteen clubs were selected : Queen’s Park, Hearts, Celtic, and Rangers, the semi-finalists of last season, being unanimous; Hibs received 16 votes; Third Lanark, 16 ; Kilmarnock, 16; Dundee, 16 ; St Mirren, 16 ; Morton, 15 ; Partick Thistle, 15 ; Port-Glasgow, 14 ; St Bernards, 14 ; Clyde, 12 ; Leith Athletic, 11 ; and Airdrieonians, 9. The unsuccessful clubs were – Abercorn, East Stirlingshire, Galston (Ayr), and Motherwell.
Ref: Dundee Courier 18th May 1900

Qualifying Cup First Round
Glasgow, and Dumbartonshire
Sep08 1-1 Renton v Cameronians
Sep15 3-2 Cameronians v Renton
Sep08 w/o Linthouse v Clydebank scr
Sep08 7-1 Vale of Leven v Glasgow Normal Athletic
bye Glasgow University, Dumbarton
Sep08 3-1 Carfin Emmett v Longriggend
Sep08 2-0 Hamilton Academical v Albion Rovers protested ineligible player
Sep15 3-0 Hamilton Academical v Albion Rovers
Sep08 1-1 Motherwell v Wishaw United
Sep15 1-1 Wishaw United v Motherwell
Sep22 3-1 Motherwell v Wishaw United at Hamilton
Sep08 0-4 Dykehead v Royal Albert
Sep08 3-2 Kilwinning Eglinton v Ayr Parkhouse
Sep08 5-2 Stevenston Thistle v Lugar Boswell
Sep08 6-1 Ayr v* Hurlford
Sep08 5-4 Annbank v Maybole
Sep08 scr Monkcastle v Galston w/o
w/o Lanemark v Girvan scr
bye Beith
Sep08 2-1 Paisley Academicals v Kilbarchan
Sep08 5-3 Arthurlie v* Neilston
Sep08 2-4 Thornliebank v Abercorn
Sep08 2-4 Cartvale v Johnstone
East of Scotland, and Border Counties
Sep08 3-0 Mossend Swifts v Bathgate
Sep08 scr Selkirk v Vale of Leithen w/o
Sep08 scr Polton Vale v West Calder w/o
Sep08 w/o Bo'ness v Adventurers scr A. defunct
bye Edinburgh University
Sep08 3-3 Dunfermline Athletic v Lochgelly United
Sep15 2-1 Lochgelly United v Dunfermline Athletic
Sep08 4-1 Raith Rovers v Hearts of Beath
bye Cowdenbeath
Stirlingshire, and Clackmannanshire
Sep08 1-9 Alloa Athletic v Falkirk
Sep08 0-5 Falkirk Amateurs v East Stirlingshire
Sep08 2-4 Dunipace v Camelon
Sep08 7-0 Clackmannan v Slamannan
Sep08 w/o Stenhousemuir v Kilsyth Wanderers scr
bye King's Park
Sep08 10-1 Auchterarder Thistle v* Tulloch
Sep08 w/o St Johnstone v Huntingtower scr
Sep08 6-1 Crieff Morrisonians v Stanley abandoned 65min so S. could catch train. Tie awarded to C.M.
Sep08 7-0 Scone v Duncrub Park
Sep08 2-3 Vale of Athole v Dunblane
bye Fair City Athletic
Sep08 3-2 Lochee United v Arbroath
Sep08 7-0 Dundee Wanderers v Montrose
bye Forfar Athletic
Sep08 2-2 Victoria United v Aberdeen
Sep15 0-2 Aberdeen v Victoria United
Sep08 1-1 Peterhead v Orion
Sep15 7-1 Orion v Peterhead
Northern Counties
Sep08 4-3 Clachnacuddin v Inverness Caledonian
Sep08 3-2 Forres Mechanics v Inverness Thistle
Dumfries-shire, and Kirkcudbrightshire
Sep08 4-2 Newbie Engineers v Barholm Rovers
Sep08 11-2 Dumfries v Dumfries Hibernian
Sep08 12-1 Douglas Wanderers v Annan
Sep08 6-0 6th G.R.V. v Thornhill
bye St Cuthbert Wanderers
Sep08 3-2 Newton Stewart Athletic v Stranraer
Sep08 w/o Portpatrick Artillery v Tarff Rovers scr
Qualifying Cup Second Round
Glasgow, Lanarkshire, and Dumbartonshire
scr Linthouse v Motherwell w/o L. practically defunct
Sep22 2-0 Dumbarton v Carfin Emmett
Sep22 4-1 Vale of Leven v Cameronians
Sep22 1-0 Royal Albert v Hamilton Academical
bye Glasgow University
Sep22 2-2 Galston v Beith
Sep29 1-3 Beith v Galston
Sep22 0-2 Annbank v Ayr
Sep22 1-0 Stevenston Thistle v Lanemark
bye Kilwinning Eglinton
Stirlingshire, and Clackmannanshire
Sep22 3-1 Stenhousemuir v Falkirk abandoned 58min crowd break-in
Sep29 1-0 Stenhousemuir v Falkirk at Camelon
Sep22 1-1 Camelon v King's Park
Sep29 0-0 King's Park v Camelon
Oct06 1-1 Camelon v King's Park at Stenhousemuir abandoned 65min darkness due to late arrival of K.P.
Oct13 2-3 Camelon v King's Park at Stenhousemuir
Sep22 0-5 Clackmannan v East Stirlingshire
Sep22 1-1 Auchterarder Thistle v Scone
Sep29 3-3 Scone v Auchterarder Thistle
Oct06 8-1 Auchterarder Thistle v Scone at Muirton Park
Sep22 3-3 Fair City Athletic v Crieff Morrisonians
Sep29 1-9 Crieff Morrisonians v Fair City Athletic
Sep22 1-1 Dunblane v St Johnstone
Sep29 3-2 St Johnstone v Dunblane
Sep22 2-2 Victoria United v Orion
Sep29 5-2 Orion v Victoria United
Northern Counties
Sep22 0-0 Forres Mechanics v Clachnacuddin
Sep29 2-1 Clachnacuddin v Forres Mechanics
Dumfries-shire and Kirkcudbrightshire
Sep22 13-3 Dumfries v St Cuthbert Wanderers
Sep22 5-0 6th G.R.V. v Newbie Engineers
bye Douglas Wanderers
Sep22 11-1 Newton Stewart v Portpatrick Artillery
Sep22 1-6 Paisley Academicals v Abercorn
Sep22 6-1 Arthurlie v Johnstone
East of Scotland, and Border Counties
Sep22 0-2 West Calder v Bo'ness
Sep22 w/o Mossend Swifts v Vale of Leven scr
bye Edinburgh University
Fifeshire, and Forfarshire
Sep22 3-1 Dundee Wanderers v Lochee United
Sep22 3-3 Raith Rovers v Cowdenbeath
Sep29 2-2 Cowdenbeath v Raith Rovers
Oct06 2-1 Raith Rovers v Cowdenbeath at Dunfermline
Sep22 8-4 Forfar Athletic v Lochgelly United
Qualifying Cup Third Round
Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Dumbartonshire, and Renfrewshire
Oct06 2-1 Abercorn v Vale of Leven
Oct06 3-2 Royal Albert v Motherwell
Oct06 0-4 Glasgow University v Dumbarton abandoned 45min half-time
Oct13 0-4 Glasgow University v Dumbarton
bye Arthurlie
Oct06 2-4 Galston v Ayr
Oct06 2-2 Stevenston Thistle v Kilwinning Eglinton
Oct13 3-1 Kilwinning Eglinton v Stevenston Thistle
East of Scotland
Oct06 w/o Bo'ness v Edinburgh University scr
bye Mossend Swifts
Oct13 3-1 St Johnstone v Auchterarder Thistle abandoned 73min darkness
Oct20 3-1 St Johnstone v Auchterarder Thistle
Oct06 5-4 Forfar Athletic v Fair City Athletic
bye Dundee Wanderers
Fifeshire, and Stirlingshire
Oct13 5-3 East Stirlingshire v Raith Rovers
Oct20 3-1 Stenhousemuir v King's Park
Southern Counties
Oct06 5-4 Newton Stewart v 6th G.R.V.
Oct06 1-2 Dumfries v Douglas Wanderers
Northern Counties, and Aberdeenshire
Oct06 4-0 Orion v Clachnacuddin
Qualifying Cup Fourth Round - These 16 teams qualified for the First Round proper
Glasgow, Dumbartonshire, Renfrewshire, and Lanarkshire
Oct20 2-2 Royal Albert v Abercorn
Oct27 2-2 Abercorn v Royal Albert
Nov03 2-3 Royal Albert v Abercorn at Celtic Park
Oct20 1-2 Arthurlie v Dumbarton
Oct20 1-0 Ayr v Kilwinning Eglinton
Southern Counties
Oct20 0-4 Newton Stewart v Douglas Wanderers
Aberdeenshire, Forfarshire, and Stirlingshire
Oct20 3-0 Forfar Athletic v Dundee Wanderers
Oct27 2-1 Orion v St Johnstone
Oct27 2-2 Mossend Swifts v Stenhousemuir
Nov03 2-2 Stenhousemuir v Mossend Swifts
Nov10 0-5 Mossend Swifts v Stenhousemuir at Falkirk
Oct20 1-1 East Stirlingshire v Bo'ness
Oct27 0-3 Bo'ness v East Stirlingshire
Qualifying Cup Fifth Round
Nov03 5-1 Ayr v Douglas Wanderers
Nov03 1-2 Forfar Athletic v Orion
Nov03 2-0 East Stirlingshire v Dumbarton
Nov17 1-5 Abercorn v Stenhousemuir
Qualifying Cup Semi-finals
Nov17 1-1 Orion v East Stirlingshire
Nov24 1-0 East Stirlingshire v Orion
Nov24 1-2 Ayr v Stenhousemuir
Qualifying Cup Final
Dec15 0-3 East Stirlingshire v Stenhousemuir at Falkirk
First Round
Jan12 3-1 Dundee v Arthurlie
Dec31 0-3 Dundee Wanderers v Abercorn
Jan12 5-0 St Bernard's v Partick Thistle
Jan12 7-0 Hibernian v Dumbarton
Jan12 10-0 Greenock Morton v Bo'ness
Jan12 1-0 Celtic v Rangers
Jan12 9-1 Port Glasgow Athletic v* Newton Stewart Athletic
Jan12 1-1 Royal Albert v St Johnstone
Feb09 0-2 St Johnstone v Royal Albert
Jan12 2-2 Ayr v Orion
Jan19 1-3 Orion v Ayr
Jan05 6-0 Clyde v East Stirlingshire
Jan12 1-3 Stenhousemuir v Queen's Park
Jan12 10-0 St Mirren v Kilwinning Eglinton
Jan12 0-4 Forfar Athletic v Leith Athletic
Jan12 7-0 Heart of Midlothian v* Mossend Swifts
Jan12 3-2 Kilmarnock v Airdrieonians
Jan12 5-0 3rd L.R.V. v Douglas Wanderers
Second Round
Feb09 3-5 Clyde v Dundee
Feb09 2-1 Heart of Midlothian v Queen's Park
Feb16 1-1 Royal Albert v Hibernian
Feb23 1-0 Hibernian v Royal Albert
Jan26 1-3 Ayr v St Mirren
Feb09 6-0 Celtic v Kilmarnock
Jan26 1-1 3rd L.R.V. v Abercorn
Feb09 0-1 Abercorn v 3rd L.R.V.
Jan26 1-1 Greenock Morton v St Bernard's abandoned 60min ground conditions
Feb09 3-1 Greenock Morton v St Bernard's
Feb09 0-3 Leith Athletic v Port Glasgow Athletic
Third Round
Feb16 0-0 St Mirren v 3rd L.R.V.
Feb23 1-1 3rd L.R.V. v St Mirren
Mar02 3-3 St Mirren v 3rd L.R.V. at Hampden Park
Mar09 1-0 St Mirren v 3rd L.R.V. at Hampden Park
Feb16 0-1 Dundee v Celtic
Mar02 2-0 Hibernian v Greenock Morton
Feb16 1-5 Port Glasgow Athletic v Heart of Midlothian
Fourth Round
Mar09 1-1 Heart of Midlothian v Hibernian at Tynecastle Park
Mar23 1-2 Hibernian v Heart of Midlothian at Easter Road Park
Mar23 1-0 Celtic v St Mirren at Celtic Park
Apr06 4-3 Heart of Midlothian v Celtic at Ibrox Park