Season 1921-22Greenock Morton

4th May 1921
Scottish Football Association Annual Meeting
Alteration of Cup Competition Rules
The annual meeting of the Scottish Football Association was held last night at 6 Carlton Place, Glasgow – Mr Thos. White presiding.
Mr J. Philip (Aberdeen) proposed an alteration in the Cup competition to the effect that, in view of the number of byes in the first round of the Scottish* Cup there should be 64 clubs, to be arrived at by 22 qualifying clubs and 42 others. This alteration, he contended, would not interfere with the rights of any of the provincial clubs in so far as restricting the number of them that would take part in the final stage. He thought an improvement could be effected by having the number 64, 32, 16, 8, 4, and the final. Thus they would have an even number right through. The proposed alteration would add to the interest of the Scottish Cup competition by widening the competition in all districts. Mr H. Christie, Dunblane, in moving the previous question, said he agreed to a certain extent with the proposal, but if it was carried they would have 64 clubs qualifying, and a draw taken which would be detrimental from a provincial point of view.
The Chairman said that at present time the membership was 105, and all these clubs except 22 were entitled to play in the Qualifying Cup competition.
Mr Philip remarked that there could be no doubt that it would not be serving the interests of the stronger and better clubs to widen the competition.
By 25 to 23 votes the Council decided to make the change in the rules.
Undecided Cup Ties – Saturday Replays to Continue
Mr Gibson, Kilmarnock, moved that the following be substituted in place of Rule 5 (Section b):- “If a Qualifying Cup tie is still undecided after a second game, the third and subsequent matches must be played during the week following the second match on a day other than Saturday, and, if necessary, half-an-hour extra must be played. No deviation from this course shall be allowed, otherwise the Council shall have the power to award the tie to either club. In the Scottish Association Cup competition, drawn ties must be replayed during the week following the first match on a day other than Saturday, and, if necessary, half-an-hour extra must be played. Unless clubs mutually agree, the third and subsequent matches must be played under the same conditions in the week following the second match on a day other than Saturday until the tie is decided. No deviation from this course shall be allowed, otherwise the Council shall have power to award the tie to either club.”
He said there could be no doubt that during the past season a number of clubs had been unduly retarded from playing owing to this question.
Mr H. Christie, Dunblane, proposed that matters remain as at present. He made this suggestion for provincial interests in the Scottish Cup competitions, but, had the proposal only been put forward in connection with the Qualifying Cup, he would certainly have acquiesced in it. In a great many provincial districts clubs could not play during the week, and if they
were going to encourage district clubs they should at least give a second Saturday to play in the event of a tie. If clubs got only one Saturday and had to play during the week after that, it would not pay the professional clubs to carry on the game of football. He took it they were there to do what they could to keep the game going, no matter in what district. He thought that this proposal would only mean the driving of senior football into junior and other classes of football. If they were taking away the very encouragement that professionals had to get, because they had a very difficult duty in many country districts to keep the clubs going. Now they had an opposition in the juniors, an opposition they would have to guard against. In his view this opposition was knocking the feet from below senior clubs in many districts.
Mr Christie’s amendment was seconded, and, on a vote being taken; the Council decided by 27 votes to 22 that the alteration should not take place.
* – Newspaper article incorrectly had “Qualifying”
Ref: Scotsman 5th May 1921

19th May 1921
Scottish Football Association
An extraordinary general meeting and a meeting of the new Council of the Scottish Football Association took place in Glasgow – Mr T. White presiding.
Qualifying Cup Exemptions
The following clubs were exempted from the Qualifying Cup competition:- Hearts, Partick Thistle, Rangers, Albion Rovers, Queen’s Park, Third Lanark, Celtic, Clyde, Morton, St Mirren, Ayr United, Kilmarnock, Motherwell, Hamilton Academicals, Airdrieonians, Hibernians, Falkirk, Dumbarton, Clydebank, Aberdeen, Raith Rovers, Dundee, Alloa, Armadale, Arbroath, Bathgate, Bo’ness, Broxburn United, Cowdenbeath, Clackmannan, Dundee Hibs, Dunfermlien Athletic, East Fife, East Stirlingshire, Forfar, Johnstone, King’s Park, Lochgelly United, St Bernards, St Johnstone, Stenhousemuir, and Vale of Leven.
Ref: Evening Telegraph 20th May 1921

 Qualifying Cup First Round
 Southern Counties
Sep03  2-1  Solway Star v Thornhill
Sep03  4-1  Douglas Wanderers v Creetown
Sep03  0-1  Whithorn v Stranraer
Sep03 11-0  Queen of the South v Tarff Rovers
Sep03  2-10 Newton Stewart v Nithsdale Wanderers
Sep03  2-1  Dalbeattie Star v St Cuthbert Wanderers
Sep03  w/o  Mid-Annandale v Wigtown and Bladnoch scr
Sep03  w/o  Beith v Girvan Athletic scr
Sep03  0-0  Galston v Stevenston United
Sep10  0-0  Stevenston United v Galston
Sep17  0-4  Galston v Stevenston United  at Ayr
       bye  Hurlford
 Dumbartonshire, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, and Renfrewshire
Sep03  4-1  Dykehead v Hamilton Garrison
Sep03  9-0  Dumbarton Harp v Paisley Grammar School F.P.
Sep03  w/o  Helensburgh v Abercorn scr
Sep03  3-0  Royal Albert v Moorpark
Sep03  scr  Renton v Arthurlie w/o
       bye  Paisley Academicals, Glasgow University
Sep03  scr  Scone v Dunkeld and Birnam w/o
Sep03  scr  Luncarty v Blairgowrie Amateurs w/o
Sep03  5-0  Vale of Atholl v Breadalbane
       bye  Huntingtower
 East of Scotland, and Border Counties
Sep03  5-2  Berwick Rangers v Duns
Sep03  1-4  Peebles Rovers v Vale of Leithen
Sep03  0-1  Coldstream v Gala Fairydean
Sep03  4-0  Leith Athletic v Selkirk
Sep03  0-2  Brechin City v Montrose
 Aberdeenshire, and Banffshire
Sep03  2-0  Buckie Thistle v Peterhead
Sep03  3-0  Fraserburgh v Banff Macduff United
       bye  Aberdeen University
 North of Scotland
Sep03  3-3  Inverness Thistle v Inverness Caledonian
Sep10  3-0  Inverness Caledonian v Inverness Thistle
Sep03  2-3  Forres Mechanics v Clachnacuddin
Sep03  3-0  Inverness Citadel v Nairn County
Sep03  5-1  Elgin City v Wick Academy
 Qualifying Cup Second Round
 Southern Counties
Sep17  1-4  Mid-Annandale v Stranraer
        –   Dalbeattie Star v Nithsdale Wanderers
       bye  Solway Star, Queen of the South, Douglas Wanderers
 Ayrshire, Dumbartonshire, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, and Renfrewshire
Sep17  0-3  Hurlford v Arthurlie
Sep17  1-0  Helensburgh v Glasgow University
Sep17  0-2  Paisley Academicals v Dumbarton Harp
Sep17  3-2  Royal Albert v Beith
       bye  Stevenston United, Dykehead
 East of Scotland, and Border Counties
Sep17  2-2  Berwick Rangers v Gala Fairydean
Sep24  2-1  Gala Fairydean v Berwick Rangers
       bye  Vale of Leithen, Leith Athletic
 Perthshire, and Forfarshire
Sep17  scr  Huntingtower v Vale of Atholl w/o
Sep17  2-1  Blairgowrie Amateurs v Dunkeld and Birnam
       bye  Montrose
 Aberdeenshire, and Banffshire
Sep17  0-1  Aberdeen University v Buckie Thistle
       bye  Fraserburgh
 North of Scotland
Sep17  0-0  Elgin City v Inverness Caledonian
Sep24  2-1  Inverness Caledonian v Elgin City
       bye  Clachnacuddin, Inverness Citadel
 Qualifying Cup Third Round – These 22 teams qualified for the First Round proper
Oct01  2-1  Stevenston United v Queen of the South
Oct01  1-3  Douglas Wanderers v Dykehead
Oct01  0-1  Stranraer v Solway Star
       bye  Nithsdale Wanderers, Royal Albert, Dumbarton Harp,
            Helensburgh, Arthurlie
Oct01  3-0  Montrose v Vale of Atholl
Oct01  0-0  Leith Athletic v Vale of Leithen
Oct08  0-0  Vale of Leithen v Leith Athletic
Oct15  4-3  Leith Athletic v Vale of Leithen  at Hawthorn’s Recreation Ground, Leith
       bye  Gala Fairydean, Blairgowrie Amateurs
Oct01  1-2  Fraserburgh v Clachnacuddin
       bye  Inverness Citadel, Inverness Caledonian, Buckie Thistle
 Qualifying Cup Fourth Round
Oct15  4-1  Royal Albert v Stevenston United
Oct15  0-1  Helensburgh v Nithsdale Wanderers
Oct15  0-0  Arthurlie v Solway Star
Oct22  0-0  Solway Star v Arthurlie
Oct29  1-0  Arthurlie v Solway Star  at Barrhead
Oct15  3-1  Dykehead v Dumbarton Harp
Oct15  6-0  Buckie Thistle v* Blairgowrie Amateurs
Oct08  3-0  Clachnacuddin v Inverness Citadel
Oct22  3-1  Montrose v Leith Athletic
 Qualifying Cup Fifth Round
Nov05  0-0  Royal Albert v Arthurlie
Nov12  1-0  Arthurlie v Royal Albert
Oct29  2-0  Nithsdale Wanderers v Dykehead
Oct29  5-0  Clachnacuddin v Buckie Thistle
Oct29  0-1  Inverness Caledonian v Montrose
 Qualifying Cup Semi-finals
Nov19  2-0  Montrose v Arthurlie
Nov12  6-1  Nithsdale Wanderers v Clachnacuddin
 Qualifying Cup Final
Dec03  3-3  Montrose v Nithsdale Wanderers  at Ibrox Park
Dec10  0-0  Montrose v Nithsdale Wanderers  at Tynecastle Park
Dec03  2-1  Montrose v Nithsdale Wanderers  at Ibrox Park
 First Round
Jan28  0-3  East Fife v Motherwell
Feb04  1-1  King’s Park v St Johnstone
Feb08  1-1  St Johnstone v King’s Park
Feb15  1-0  King’s Park v St Johnstone  at East End Park
Jan28  7-0  Partick Thistle v* Dumbarton Harp
Jan28  1-5  Blairgowrie Amateurs v Queen of the South
Jan28  1-1  Clydebank v Arbroath
Feb01  0-1  Arbroath v Clydebank
Jan28  0-2  Stenhousemuir v Dundee
Jan28  0-2  Dundee Hibernian v Broxburn United
Feb04  3-5  Clackmannan v Inverness Citadel
Jan28  6-0  Albion Rovers v Johnstone
Jan28  1-0  Vale of Leven v Fraserburgh
Jan28  3-1  Queen’s Park v Nithsdale Wanderers
Jan28  3-1  East Stirlingshire v Douglas Wanderers
Jan28  3-1  Dunfermline Athletic v* Stevenston United
Feb01  1-5  Lochgelly United v Ayr United
Jan28  4-0  Greenock Morton v* Vale of Leithen
Jan28  0-5  Clachnacuddin v Rangers
Jan28  4-0  Celtic v Montrose
Jan28  3-0  Hibernian v Armadale
Jan28  3-1  Alloa Athletic v St Bernard’s
Jan28  9-0  Hamilton Academical v* Gala Fairydean
Jan28  1-0  Aberdeen v Dumbarton
Jan28  2-2  Raith Rovers v Clyde
Feb01  1-0  Clyde v Raith Rovers
Jan28  0-3  Forfar Athletic v Falkirk
Jan28  1-5  Inverness Caledonian v Kilmarnock
Jan28  3-2  Bathgate v Helensburgh
Jan28  1-0  Airdrieonians v Dykehead
Jan28  6-0  Third Lanark v Leith Athletic
Jan28  6-0  Bo’ness v* Stranraer
Jan28  9-1  Cowdenbeath v* Vale of Atholl
Jan28  1-2  Buckie Thistle v Royal Albert
Jan28  2-1  Heart of Midlothian v Arthurlie
Jan28  7-2  St Mirren v* Solway Star
 Second Round
Feb11  2-2  Heart of Midlothian v Broxburn United
Feb15  2-2  Heart of Midlothian v Broxburn United
Feb20  3-1  Heart of Midlothian v Broxburn United  at Tynecastle Park
Feb11  2-2  Inverness Citadel v Queen of the South
Feb18  2-1  Queen of the South v Inverness Citadel
Feb11  3-2  Motherwell v Hibernian
Feb11  0-0  Cowdenbeath v Airdrieonians
Feb15  4-1  Airdrieonians v Cowdenbeath
Feb11  1-1  Aberdeen v Queen’s Park
Feb14  1-2  Queen’s Park v Aberdeen
Feb11  0-0  Vale of Leven v Alloa Athletic
Feb14  1-0  Alloa Athletic v Vale of Leven
Feb11  0-1  Third Lanark v Celtic
Feb11  1-1  Greenock Morton v Clydebank
Feb14  1-3  Clydebank v Greenock Morton
Feb11  1-1  Albion Rovers v Rangers
Feb15  4-0  Rangers v Albion Rovers
Feb18  1-4  King’s Park v Hamilton Academical
Feb11  0-1  Royal Albert v Dundee
Feb11  0-1  Ayr United v Partick Thistle
Feb11  1-4  Kilmarnock v St Mirren
Feb11  1-0  Bathgate v Falkirk
Feb11  2-1  East Stirlingshire v Dunfermline Athletic
Feb11  5-1  Clyde v Bo’ness
 Third Round
Feb25  3-0  St Mirren v Airdrieonians
Feb25  3-0  Aberdeen v Dundee
Feb25  0-4  Heart of Midlothian v Rangers
Feb25  2-0  Queen of the South v East Stirlingshire
Feb25  1-3  Celtic v Hamilton Academical
Feb25  3-0  Partick Thistle v Bathgate
Feb25  4-1  Greenock Morton v Clyde
Feb25  1-0  Motherwell v Alloa Athletic
 Fourth Round
Mar11  1-2  Motherwell v Greenock Morton
Mar11  0-0  Hamilton Academical v Aberdeen
Mar15  2-0  Aberdeen v Hamilton Academical
Mar11  1-1  Rangers v St Mirren
Mar14  0-2  St Mirren v Rangers
Mar11  0-1  Queen of the South v Partick Thistle
Mar25  0-2  Partick Thistle v Rangers  at Ibrox Park
Apr01  1-3  Aberdeen v Greenock Morton  at Dens Park
Apr15  1-0  Greenock Morton v Rangers  at Hampden Park