Season 1896-97Rangers

2nd June 1896
Committee Meeting – Exemptions
The following Clubs were exempted from playing in the preliminary stage of the Scottish Cup ties next season:- Heart of Mid-Lothian, St Bernards, Hibernians, and Renton (the semi-finalists of last season); and St Mirren, Dundee, Celtic, Rangers, Clyde, Third Lanark (22 votes), Abercorn, Queen’s Park (20 votes), Leith Athletic (16 votes), Greenock Morton (15 votes), Dumbarton and Ayr Parkhouse (14 votes). The unsuccessful candidates were Port-Glasgow Athletic and Airdrieonians (12 votes), and Motherwell (9 votes).
Ref: Dundee Advertiser 4th June 1896

 Qualifying Cup First Round
 Glasgow, and Lanarkshire
Aug29  w/o  Cameronians v Hamilton Harp scr
Aug29  w/o  Hamilton Academical v Dykehead scr
Aug29  0-3  Cambuslang v Airdrieonians
Aug29  1-1  Blantyre v Battlefield
Sep05  1-2  Battlefield v Blantyre
Aug29  1-4  Albion Rovers v Royal Albert
Aug29 14-0  Linthouse v Airdriehill
Aug28  scr  Glengowan v Motherwell w/o
Aug29  w/o  Wishaw Thistle v Northern scr
Aug29  w/o  Burnbank Swifts v Gordon Highlanders scr
       bye  Partick Thistle
Aug29  3-3  Hurlford v Beith
Sep05  0-4  Beith v Hurlford
Aug29  8-0  Kilmarnock Athletic v Irvine
Aug29  1-1  Monkcastle v* Dalry
Sep05  2-2  Monkcastle v Dalry
Sep12  3-1  Monkcastle v Dalry  at Claremont Park, Kilwinning
Aug29  2-6  Lugar Boswell v Kilmarnock
Aug29  w/o  Ayr Parkhouse v* Kilbirnie scr K. scratched before the match. A.P. won friendly 9-4.
Aug29  7-1  Lanemark v Galston
Aug29  3-2  Annbank v Stevenston Thistle
Aug29  4-5  Girvan Athletic v Kilwinning Eglinton
Aug29  1-6  Maybole v Ayr
       bye  Saltcoats Victoria
Aug29  2-2  Johnstone v Cartvale
Sep05  0-0  Cartvale v Johnstone
Sep12  4-3  Johnstone v Cartvale  at Govandale Park a.e.t. 3-3
Aug29  3-2  Thornliebank v Port Glasgow Athletic
Aug29  2-5  Bridge of Weir v Lochwinnoch
Aug29  scr  Paisley Celtic v Kilbarchan w/o
Aug29  3-1  Neilston v Paisley Academicals
       bye  Arthurlie
Aug29  5-0  Forfar Athletic v Montrose
Aug29  0-1  Arbroath Wanderers v Lochee United
Aug29  4-2  Dundee Wanderers v Arbroath
 East of Scotland, Fifeshire, and Border Counties
Aug29  3-1  Armadale Volunteers v Broxburn Shamrock
Aug29  w/o  Bathgate v West Calder scr
Aug29  7-0  Cowdenbeath v* Benburb venue switched as Polton Vale were at home
Aug29  2-2  Adventurers v Dunfermline Athletic  at Easter Road
Sep05  3-1  Dunfermline Athletic v Adventurers
Aug29  w/o  Penicuik Athletic v Linlithgow Athletic scr
Aug29  w/o  Lochgelly United v Bo’ness scr
Aug29  1-2  Mossend Swifts v Raith Rovers
Aug29  3-2  Polton Vale v Kirkcaldy
Aug29  w/o  Selkirk v Bonnyrigg Rose scr
       bye  Kelso, Edinburgh University
 Dumbartonshire, and Argyllshire
Aug29  4-4  Helensburgh v Duntocher Harp
Sep05  6-0  Duntocher Harp v Helensburgh
Aug29  w/o  Newtown Thistle v West End (Oban) scr
Aug29  w/o  Vale of Leven v Clydebank United scr
 Stirlingshire, and Clackmannanshire
Aug29  0-1  Dunipace v Stenhousemuir
Aug29  2-1  Kilsyth Hibernian v Denny Athletic
Aug29  2-0  King’s Park v Clackmannan
Aug29  0-4  Grasshoppers v East Stirlingshire
Aug29  3-3  Falkirk v Camelon
Sep05  2-7  Camelon v Falkirk
Aug29  scr  Gairdoch v Alloa Athletic w/o
       bye  Kilsyth Wanderers
Aug29  8-0  Victoria United v* Culter
Aug29  6-2  Peterhead v Aberdeen
       bye  Orion
 Northern Counties
Aug29  1-1  Clachnacuddin v Inverness Caledonian
Sep05  2-0  Inverness Caledonian v Clachnacuddin
       bye  Inverness Thistle
Aug22  2-1  Fair City Athletic v* Our Boys (Blairgowrie)
Aug29  2-4  Dunkeld and Birnam v Huntingtower
Aug29 13-1  Dunblane v Vale of Ruthven
Aug29  7-3  St Johnstone v Rob Roy
Aug29  2-2  Duncrub Park v Vale of Atholl
Sep05  4-6  Vale of Atholl v Duncrub Park
 Southern Counties
Aug29  w/o  St Cuthbert Wanderers v Barholm Rovers scr
Aug29  5-0  Newton Stewart Athletic v 5th K.R.V.
Aug29  6-0  6th G.R.V. v Douglas Wanderers
 Qualifying Cup Second Round
 Glasgow, Lanarkshire, and Dumbartonshire
Sep12  1-1  Partick Thistle v Linthouse
Sep19  3-5  Linthouse v Partick Thistle
Sep12  8-2  Royal Albert v Duntocher Harp
Sep12  w/o  Wishaw Thistle v Burnbank Swifts scr
Sep12  2-3  Newtown Thistle v Blantyre
Sep12  4-2  Motherwell v Airdrieonians
Sep12  5-0  Vale of Leven v Hamilton Academical
       bye  Cameronians
Sep12 13-2  Kilmarnock v* Saltcoats Victoria
Sep19  6-0  Annbank v Monkcastle
Sep12  4-1  Kilmarnock Athletic v Lanemark
Sep12  1-1  Ayr v Ayr Parkhouse
Sep19  0-1  Ayr Parkhouse v Ayr
Sep12  5-0  Hurlford v Kilwinning Eglinton
Sep12  0-1  Thornliebank v Arthurlie
Sep19  1-4  Lochwinnoch v Johnstone
Sep12  0-2  Neilston v Kilbarchan
Sep12  1-3  Harp (Dundee) v Forfar Athletic Harp admitted into Second Round
Sep12  1-1  Dundee Wanderers v* Lochee United
Sep19  0-1  Dundee Wanderers v Lochee United
 East of Scotland, Fifeshire, and Border Counties
Sep12  w/o  Lochgelly United v Kelso scr
Sep12  2-1  Raith Rovers v Cowdenbeath
Sep12  w/o  Bathgate v Selkirk scr
Sep12  4-4  Polton Vale v Dunfermline Athletic
Sep19  3-1  Dunfermline Athletic v Polton Vale
Sep12  4-0  Penicuik Athletic v Armadale Volunteers
       bye  Edinburgh University
 Stirlingshire, and Clackmannanshire
Sep12  0-2  Kilsyth Wanderers v King’s Park
Sep19  5-1  Falkirk v Alloa Athletic
Sep08  6-2  Stenhousemuir v Kilsyth Hibernian
       bye  East Stirlingshire
Sep12  2-5  Victoria United v Orion
       bye  Peterhead
 Northern Counties
Sep12  4-5  Inverness Caledonian v Inverness Thistle
 Southern Counties
Sep12  1-1  Newton Stewart Athletic v 6th G.R.V. abandoned 83min bad light
       w/o  Newton Stewart Athletic v 6th G.R.V. scr
       bye  St Cuthbert Wanderers
Sep12  0-1  Fair City Athletic v* Huntingtower
Sep12  6-2  Dunblane v St Johnstone
       bye  Duncrub Park
 Qualifying Cup Third Round
 Glasgow, Dumbartonshire, and Lanarkshire
Sep26  1-2  Dunfermline Athletic v Blantyre
Sep26  6-2  Bathgate v Cameronians
Sep26  1-0  Raith Rovers v Vale of Leven
Sep26  0-2  Penicuik Athletic v King’s Park
Sep26  2-4  Stenhousemuir v Lochgelly United
Sep26  2-2  East Stirlingshire v Falkirk
Oct03  1-1  Falkirk v East Stirlingshire
Oct10  2-0  Falkirk v East Stirlingshire  at Brockville Park
Sep26  3-5  Wishaw Thistle v Motherwell
Sep26  2-0  Partick Thistle v Royal Albert
       bye  Edinburgh University
 Ayrshire, and Renfrewshire
Sep26  0-1  Kilbarchan v Johnstone
Sep26  2-1  Arthurlie v Kilmarnock Athletic
Sep26  4-1  Hurlford v Annbank
Sep26  7-1  Kilmarnock v Ayr
 Forfarshire, Aberdeenshire, Northern Counties, and Perthshire
Sep26  7-0  Orion v Peterhead
Sep26  2-7  Huntingtower v Duncrub Park
Sep26  4-1  Dunblane v Forfar Athletic
Sep26  3-2  Inverness Thistle v Lochee United
 Southern Counties
Sep26  2-6  St Cuthbert Wanderers v Newton Stewart Athletic
 Qualifying Cup Fourth Round
Oct10  w/o  Inverness Thistle v Edinburgh University scr
       bye  Arthurlie, Bathgate, Blantyre, Dunblane,
            Duncrub Park, Falkirk, Hurlford,
            Inverness Thistle, Johnstone, Kilmarnock,
            King’s Park, Lochgelly United, Motherwell,
            Newton Stewart Athletic, Orion,
            Partick Thistle, Raith Rovers
 Qualifying Cup Fifth Round
Oct17 10-1  Inverness Thistle v* Duncrub Park
       bye  Arthurlie, Bathgate, Blantyre, Dunblane,
            Falkirk, Hurlford, Johnstone, Kilmarnock,
            King’s Park, Lochgelly United, Motherwell,
            Newton Stewart Athletic, Orion,
            Partick Thistle, Raith Rovers
 Qualifying Cup Sixth Round – These 16 teams qualified for the First Round proper
Oct24  3-0  Motherwell v Johnstone
Oct24  4-2  Kilmarnock v Hurlford
Oct24  3-2  Arthurlie v Blantyre
Oct24  9-2  Partick Thistle v* Newton Stewart Athletic
Oct24  5-1  Orion v Bathgate
Oct24  0-3  Lochgelly United v Dunblane
Oct24  3-2  King’s Park v Raith Rovers
Oct24  1-4  Inverness Thistle v Falkirk
 Qualifying Cup Seventh Round
Nov07  1-3  Orion v Motherwell
Nov07  2-5  Partick Thistle v Kilmarnock
Nov07  8-2  Falkirk v Arthurlie
Nov07  3-2  Dunblane v King’s Park
Nov21  2-0  Kilmarnock v Dunblane
Nov21  4-1  Falkirk v Motherwell protested unregistered player
Nov28  2-4  Falkirk v Motherwell abandoned 81min crowd break-in. Tie awarded to M.
 Qualifying Cup Final
Dec05  4-1  Kilmarnock v Motherwell  at Hampden Park
 First Round
Jan09  2-1  St Bernard’s v Queen’s Park
Jan09  4-2  Arthurlie v Celtic
Jan09  2-1  Dumbarton v Raith Rovers
Jan09  1-10 Duncrub Park v Hibernian
Jan09  5-1  St Mirren v Renton
Jan09  2-0  Falkirk v Orion
Jan09  4-0  Abercorn v Hurlford
Jan09  3-1  Greenock Morton v Johnstone
Jan09  7-1  Dundee v* Inverness Thistle
Jan09  5-1  Leith Athletic v* Dunblane
Jan09  1-2  Lochgelly United v King’s Park
Jan09  5-0  Blantyre v Bathgate
Jan09  2-0  Heart of Midlothian v Clyde
Jan09  3-3  Motherwell v Kilmarnock
Jan16  5-2  Kilmarnock v Motherwell
Jan09  2-4  Partick Thistle v Rangers
Jan09  8-1  3rd L.R.V. v* Newton Stewart Athletic
 Second Round
Feb06  5-2  3rd L.R.V. v Heart of Midlothian
Jan23  3-0  Rangers v Hibernian
Jan30  5-0  Dundee v* King’s Park
Jan23  3-1  Kilmarnock v Falkirk protested
Feb06  7-3  Kilmarnock v Falkirk
Feb13  1-5  Arthurlie v Greenock Morton
Feb06  4-4  Dumbarton v Leith Athletic
Feb13  3-3  Leith Athletic v Dumbarton
Feb20  3-2  Dumbarton v Leith Athletic  at Fir Park
Jan23  4-1  Abercorn v* Blantyre
Jan30  5-0  St Bernard’s v St Mirren
 Third Round
Feb27  2-0  Dumbarton v St Bernard’s
Feb13  3-1  Kilmarnock v 3rd L.R.V.
Feb13  0-4  Dundee v Rangers
Feb20  2-2  Greenock Morton v Abercorn
Feb27  2-3  Abercorn v Greenock Morton
Mar13  2-7  Greenock Morton v Rangers  at Cappielow Park
Mar13  4-3  Dumbarton v Kilmarnock  at Boghead Park
Mar20  1-5  Dumbarton v Rangers  at Hampden Park