Season 1914-15No competition

5th May 1914
Twenty Exempts – Forty Clubs to Play for Scottish Cup
Forty clubs will compete in the Scottish Cup proper next season. At the annual meeting of the Scottish Football Association, held in Glasgow, last night, the proposal by the retiring Council that the competitors be the last 20 clubs who competed for the Qualifying Cup last season, together with the Scottish Cup semi- finalists and sixteen exempted clubs was carried.
Ref: Daily Record 6th May 1914

26th May 1914
Scottish League Clubs – Exempted from Qualifying Cup
The first meeting of the new council of the Scottish Football Association was held at 6 Carlton Place, Glasgow, last night. Mr D. Campbell(Morton) presided.
Last year’s Scottish Cup semi-finalists – Celtic, Hibernian, Third Lanark, and St Mirren – and the following 16 other clubs – Rangers, Queen’s Park, Clyde, Partick Thistle, Heart of Midlothian, Dundee, Aberdeen, Raith Rovers, Falkirk, Airdrieonians, Motherwell, Hamilton Academicals, Morton, Kilmarnock, Ayr United, and Dumbarton – were exempted from taking part in the ensuing season’s Scottish Qualifying Cup competition. These 20 clubs comprise the First Division of the Scottish League. Mr H. Christie (Perth) made a strong effort to alter the proposal, and moved as an amendment – “that the last 16 clubs taking part in the Scottish Cup competition last year be exempted along with other four.” He said it would be in the interests of Scottish Football if his motion were adopted. He moved that the following four clubs be added to the 16:- Dundee Hibs, St Johnstone, Vale of Atholl, and Stanley, but found no seconder, and the motion was carried.
Ref: Evening Telegraph 27th May 1914

22nd December 1914
Cup Ties are to be abandoned – Is the decision of the Scottish F.A.
A meeting of the S.F.A. has decided, by the narrow majority of one vote, that Cup ties and international games shall be abandoned this season.
A meeting of the Council, which was the adjournment from last week, was held at Carlton Place, Glasgow, last night – President Campbell presiding over thirty members.
Mr T. White, Celtic, vice-president, in moving the adoption of the recommendation of the delegates who had attended the national conference and had been in communication with the War Office, said he hoped the opponents of the recommendation would be able to inform him when the Association had changed its mind.
The position was perfectly clear, and remained as it was on September 8, when they placed themselves in the hands of the War Office. The delegates were simply carrying out the advice tendered to them by the governing body.
The recommendation was in the following terms:- “The delegates, feeling strongly that the honour of Scottish Football is at stake, recommend that this Association respect the requirements of the War Office, and resolve to withdraw international matches and Cup ties from this year’s programme.”
The motion was seconded by Mr R. Hay, president of the Scottish Junior F.A. To his mind, to do other than support the motion would be to pass a vote of no confidence in the delegates.
The Vote of September
Mr J. Philip, Aberdeen, moved – “That the Council regrets it cannot accept the recommendation of the delegates, and that it is the opinion of the Scottish Council that Cup ties be played.” He was of the opinion that the position taken up by the delegates hinged round the vote in September, but the facts were not as stated. Then the question was whether the game should be stopped altogether, not the suspension of one particular part of it.
He regretted the delegates had gone so far. Some consideration should be shown to the clubs, and there was not the slightest difference between Cup and League football.
Mr W. M’Intosh, Dundee, seconded the amendment.
Mr H. F. M’Lachlan, Southern Counties, thought it was not a question of stoppage of Cup ties, but a question of honour. Their word was their bond.
Mr W. Lorimer, Hearts, was of opinion of Mr Philip, and supported the amendment. In the statements of Mr Tennant, football was alluded to as an amusement. Why, then, were not all amusements included in the War Office recommendation? Football was only an hour and a half’s recreation each week. Yet they had entertainments of another kind going on all day long. He wished to mention another point – “What did Mr Asquith say when he was asked if the game should stop? He said very plainly no; that Scotland had done splendidly as regards recruiting, and would continue to do so.
Football and Recruiting
For the motion, Mr R. Campbell, Perth, said that all the arguments used by the opposition were mere quibbles. ” In the serious condition of the country,” he said “are we to accede to the wishes of the War Office, or are we not?” Are we to wait for a raid on the Forth or the Tay or Aberdeen?”
There was no doubt but that the continuance of the game was hindering recruiting. In his own district he knew of a dozen who would join the army if football were stopped, and he spoke for his club when he said that the game should be stopped
He referred to the resolution sent them by the League. They would probably be surprised to know that it was not a unanimous resolution, but had bee carried on a vote by 10 to 7. The Council had looked upon themselves as trustees for the good name of Scottish Football, and voted accordingly.
Mr J. Atherley, Renton, said if the motion were carried it meant the death of the majority of country clubs.
The President remarked with regard to that the smaller clubs were calculating on something which they might not get. This was not a normal time. “We must seriously consider the continuation of the game.” he said, “and we must see that it is not to suffer by any action or want of action now. Are we doing a greater and nobler thing acting up to the instruction of the War Office than we would be ignoring them?”
Mr Philip, replied that football was essentially the working man’s game. The workers were giving of themselves and their money, and they wanted the game to go on.
In winding up the discussion Mr White put to the council – ” We don’t ask any man here to-night to vote for us in order to save the faces of the delegates. We are satisfied we have done our duty, and are prepared to take a beating if you so decide.”
The Vote
The Vote was the taken, when 13 voted for the amendment and 14 for the motion which was accordingly declared carried.
The draw in the first round of the Scottish Cup and Consolation Cup was accordingly not proceeded with.
The motion of Mr Harry Christie – “That all competitive football be suspended until the end of the present season,” was ruled out of order by the chairman.
The arrangements for the final of the Qualifying Cup were proceeded with, St Bernard v Galston or Dykehead being the tie. On a vote it was decided to play the final at Ibrox on 2d January, Mr Humphries, Maryhill, to be referee.
Ref: Dundee Courier 23rd December 1914

 Qualifying Cup First Round
 Southern Counties
Sep05  2-2  St Cuthbert Wanderers v Newton Stewart
Sep12  scr  Newton Stewart v St Cuthbert Wanderers w/o
Sep05  2-6  Stranraer v Dumfries
Sep12  scr  Mid-Annandale v Whithorn w/o
Sep05  6-0  Nithsdale Wanderers v Solway Star
Sep05  w/o  Thornhill v Creetown Volunteers scr
Sep05  w/o  5th K.O.S.B. v Tarff Rovers scr
Sep05  w/o  Dalbeattie Star v Douglas Wanderers scr
Sep05  3-1  Hurlford v Maybole
Sep05  2-0  Stevenston United v Lanemark
Sep05  3-1  Galston v Beith
Sep05  1-3  Girvan Athletic v Annbank
 Glasgow, Dumbartonshire, Lanarkshire, and Renfrewshire
Sep05  w/o  Babcock & Wilcox v Cameronians scr
Sep05  w/o  Dumbarton Harp v Scottish Rifles scr
Sep05  0-6  Paisley Academicals v Dykehead
Sep05  0-0  Royal Albert v Johnstone
Sep12  0-0  Johnstone v Royal Albert
Sep19  1-5  Royal Albert v Johnstone  at Clydebank
Sep05  3-1  Vale of Leven v Albion Rovers
Sep05  scr  Paisley Grammar School F.P. v Abercorn w/o
Sep05  4-0  Renton v Moorpark Crusaders
Sep05  2-2  Clydebank v Arthurlie
Sep12  2-1  Arthurlie v Clydebank
       bye  Wishaw Thistle
 East of Scotland
Sep05  1-1  Broxburn United v Leith Amateurs
Sep12  1-3  Leith Amateurs v Broxburn United
Sep05  1-3  West Calder Swifts v Armadale
Sep05  1-4  Broxburn Shamrock v Bo’ness
Sep05  3-1  Leith v Bathgate
       bye  St Bernard’s
 Border Counties
Sep05  6-0  Peebles Rovers v Berwick Rangers
Sep05  scr  Coldstream v Vale of Leithen w/o
Sep05  9-0  Gala Fairydean v Selkirk
       bye  Duns
Sep05  scr  Lochgelly v East Fife w/o
Sep05  1-0  Kirkcaldy United v Dunfermline Athletic
Sep05  3-0  Lochgelly United v Lumphinnans
       bye  Cowdenbeath, St Andrews University
 Stirlingshire, and Clackmannanshire
Sep05  0-4  Clackmannan v East Stirlingshire
Sep12  3-5  Stenhousemuir v King’s Park
       bye  Alloa Athletic
 Perthshire West
Sep05  scr  Dunblane v Tulloch w/o
Sep05  6-2  St Johnstone v Crieff Morrisonians
 Perthshire East
Sep05  w/o  Stanley v Breadalbane scr
Sep05  w/o  Scone v Vale of Atholl scr
Sep05  scr  Luncarty v Blairgowrie Amateurs w/o
Sep05  3-3  Fraserburgh v Peterhead
Sep12  4-3  Peterhead v Fraserburgh
       bye  Aberdeen University
Sep05  1-3  Montrose v Brechin City
Sep05  0-4  Dundee Hibernian v Forfar Athletic
Sep05  1-5  Arbroath Amateurs v Arbroath
 North of Scotland
Sep05  2-3  Elgin City v Buckie Thistle
Sep05  scr  Wick Academy v Inverness Caledonian w/o
Sep05  4-3  Forres Mechanics v Inverness Thistle
       bye  Clachnacuddin
 Qualifying Cup Second Round
 Southern Counties
       w/o  Nithsdale Wanderers v Whithorn scr
Sep19  3-2  Thornhill v St Cuthbert Wanderers
Sep19  1-3  5th K.O.S.B. v Dumfries
       bye  Dalbeattie Star
Sep19  1-1  Hurlford v Galston
Sep26  2-1  Galston v Hurlford
Sep19  1-2  Annbank v Stevenston United
 Lanarkshire, Dumbartonshire, and Renfrewshire
Sep19  1-1  Dykehead v Wishaw Thistle
Sep26  1-1  Wishaw Thistle v Dykehead
Oct03  3-2  Dykehead v Wishaw Thistle  at Airdrie a.e.t. 2-2
Sep19  2-0  Dumbarton Harp v Renton
Sep26  1-0  Vale of Leven v Johnstone
Sep19  2-1  Arthurlie v Abercorn
       bye  Babcock & Wilcox
 East of Scotland, and Border Counties
Sep19  2-0  Armadale v Leith
       w/o  St Bernard’s v Duns scr
       w/o  Broxburn United v Vale of Leithen scr
Sep19  2-1  Gala Fairydean v Bo’ness
       bye  Peebles Rovers
 Stirlingshire, Clackmannanshire, and Perthshire
       w/o  Alloa Athletic v Stanley scr
Sep19  5-1  East Stirlingshire v* Tulloch
Sep19  w/o  King’s Park v Scone scr
Sep19  0-7  Blairgowrie Amateurs v St Johnstone
 Fifeshire, and Forfarshire
Sep19  7-1  Lochgelly United v Brechin City
Sep19  1-4  Arbroath v Cowdenbeath
Sep19  0-0  Kirkcaldy United v East Fife
Sep26  4-0  East Fife v Kirkcaldy United
       w/o  Forfar Athletic v St Andrews University scr
 Aberdeenshire, and Northern Counties
       w/o  Forres Mechanics v Aberdeen University scr
Sep19  4-0  Clachnacuddin v Buckie Thistle
Sep19  2-0  Inverness Caledonian v Peterhead
 Qualifying Cup Third Round
 Southern Counties
Oct03  4-0  Thornhill v Dalbeattie Star
       bye  Dumfries, Nithsdale Wanderers
 Ayrshire, Lanarkshire, Renfrewshire, and Dumbartonshire
Oct03  1-4  Babcock & Wilcox v Galston
Oct10  1-0  Dykehead v Stevenston United
       bye  Dumbarton Harp, Arthurlie, Vale of Leven
 East of Scotland and Border Counties
Oct03  1-3  Peebles Rovers v St Bernard’s
       bye  Armadale, Broxburn United, Gala Fairydean
 Stirlingshire, Perthshire, Fifeshire and Forfarshire
Oct03  2-2  Alloa Athletic v King’s Park
Oct10  1-1  King’s Park v Alloa Athletic
Oct17  1-0  Alloa Athletic v King’s Park  at Dunfermline
Oct03  1-3  Cowdenbeath v East Stirlingshire
       bye  Lochgelly United, East Fife, Forfar Athletic,
            St Johnstone
 Aberdeenshire, and North of Scotland
Oct03  0-3  Clachnacuddin v Inverness Caledonian
       bye  Forres Mechanics
 Qualifying Cup Fourth Round – These 18 teams would have qualified for the First Round proper
 South and West
Oct17  1-0  Dumfries v Vale of Leven
       bye  Arthurlie, Nithsdale Wanderers, Dumbarton Harp,
            Dykehead, Galston, Thornhill
Oct17  3-0  Broxburn United v Gala Fairydean
Oct24  0-0  Alloa Athletic v Lochgelly United
Oct31  2-2  Lochgelly United v Alloa Athletic
Nov07  0-1  Alloa Athletic v Lochgelly United  at East End Park
       bye  East Stirlingshire, Forfar Athletic, St Johnstone,
            Armadale, East Fife, St Bernard’s
Oct17  2-1  Forres Mechanics v Inverness Caledonian
 Qualifying Cup Fifth Round
Oct31  2-0  Arthurlie v Dumfries
Oct31  3-4  Dumbarton Harp v Dykehead
Oct31  0-2  Thornhill v Nithsdale Wanderers
Oct31  3-0  Galston v Armadale
Oct31  5-0  St Johnstone v Forres Mechanics
Nov14  1-1  East Stirlingshire v Lochgelly United
Nov21  0-0  Lochgelly United v East Stirlingshire
Nov28  2-0  East Stirlingshire v Lochgelly United  at Cowdenbeath
Oct31  2-2  Forfar Athletic v East Fife
Nov07  1-1  East Fife v Forfar Athletic
Nov14  1-0  Forfar Athletic v East Fife  at Tannadice Park
Oct31  0-0  Broxburn United v St Bernard’s
Nov07  4-0  St Bernard’s v Broxburn United
 Qualifying Cup Sixth Round
Nov14  2-2  Arthurlie v Galston
Nov21  2-2  Galston v Arthurlie
Nov28  0-4  Arthurlie v Galston  at Cathkin Park
Nov14  2-0  Dykehead v Nithsdale Wanderers
Nov21  1-1  Forfar Athletic v St Johnstone
Nov28  1-0  St Johnstone v Forfar Athletic
Dec05  2-1  St Bernard’s v East Stirlingshire
 Qualifying Cup Semi-finals
Dec05  2-2  Galston v Dykehead
Dec12  2-2  Dykehead v Galston
Dec26  1-5  Galston v Dykehead  at Hamilton
Dec12  1-4  St Johnstone v St Bernard’s
 Qualifying Cup Final
Jan02  2-2  Dykehead v St Bernard’s  at Ibrox Park
Jan09  1-1  Dykehead v St Bernard’s  at Firhill Park
Jan16  0-3  Dykehead v St Bernard’s  at Ibrox Park