Season 1903-04Celtic

8th May 1903
Scottish Football Association
The Scottish Football Association met yesterday afternoon in their rooms, 6 Carlton Place, Glasgow. The president, Captain R.M. Christie, Dunblane, was in the chair. The following 16 clubs were exempted from the Qualifying Cup competition, the first four being the semi-finalists in this season’s Scottish Cup competition: Rangers, Heart of Midlothian, Dundee, Stenhousemuir, Hibernian, Celtic, Saint Mirren, Kilmarnock, 3rd Lanark, Queen’s Park, Morton, Port-Glasgow Athletic, Partick Thistle, Airdrieonians, Leith Athletic, and Saint Bernard.
Ref: Greenock Telegraph and Clyde Shipping Gazette 9th May 1903

Clubs have the option of refusing to accept exemption, and Stenhousemuir are certain not to take it. It is the Qualifying Cup-ties that keeps the club alive.
Ref: Falkirk Herald 16th May 1903

25th August 1903
Scottish Football Association – Draw for the Qualifying Cup
Stenhousemuir wrote declining exemption and in connection with this Motherwell applied for permission to fill the vacancy thus caused, a request which was unanimously granted.
Ref: Edinburgh Evening News 26th August 1903

 Qualifying Cup First Round
Sep05  1-0  Raith Rovers v Cowdenbeath
Sep05  0-1  Kirkcaldy United v East Fife
Sep05  1-3  Dunfermline Athletic v Hearts of Beath
       bye  Lochgelly United
Sep05  scr  Lanark v Royal Albert w/o R.A. won friendly 3-0
Sep05  5-0  Albion Rovers v Carfin Emmett
Sep05  1-4  Dykehead v Hamilton Academical
       bye  Wishaw Amateurs
Sep05  6-0  Aberdeen v* Peterhead
       bye  Bon-Accord Amateurs
 Inverness-shire, and Morayshire
Sep05  2-2  Forres Mechanics v Inverness Thistle
Sep12  9-1  Inverness Thistle v Forres Mechanics
Sep05  2-1  Clachnacuddin v Inverness Caledonian
Sep05  3-3  Forfar Athletic v Dundee Wanderers
Sep12  1-1  Dundee Wanderers v Forfar Athletic
Sep19  1-2  Forfar Athletic v Dundee Wanderers  at Arbroath
Sep05  2-2  Arbroath v Montrose
Sep12  1-3  Montrose v Arbroath
       bye  Lochee United
 Perthshire West
Sep05  5-1  Vale of Teith v Comrie
Sep05  0-3  Auchterarder Thistle v St Johnstone
Sep05  4-1  Duncrub Park v Dunblane
Sep05  1-7  Crieff Morrisonians v Strathallan
 Perthshire East
Sep05  6-0  Scone v Huntingtower
Sep05  3-1  Stanley v Breadalbane
Sep12  2-0  Tulloch v Vale of Athole
Sep05  0-6  Thornliebank v Arthurlie
Sep05  0-0  Cartvale v Kilbarchan
Sep12  1-1  Kilbarchan v Cartvale
Sep19  2-3  Cartvale v Kilbarchan  at Love Street
Sep05  5-0  Abercorn v Paisley Academicals
       bye  Johnstone
 Stirlingshire, and Clackmannanshire
Sep05  1-2  Camelon v East Stirlingshire
Sep05  2-1  Stenhousemuir v Falkirk
Sep05  2-2  King’s Park v Clackmannan
Sep12  1-0  Clackmannan v King’s Park
       bye  Alloa Athletic
Sep05  3-2  Dumfries v Vale of Dryffe protested ineligible player
Sep12  2-1  Dumfries v Vale of Dryffe
Sep05  1-6  Thornhill v Maxwelltown Volunteers
Sep05  1-4  Annan United v Nithsdale Wanderers
Sep05  3-0  6th G.R.V. v Fleetside Rovers
Sep05  1-1  St Cuthbert Wanderers v Douglas Wanderers
Sep12  4-2  Douglas Wanderers v St Cuthbert Wanderers
       bye  Barholm Rovers
Sep05  2-6  Wigtown v Newton Stewart
Sep05  2-1  Tarff Rovers v Stranraer
Sep05  0-0  Ayr Parkhouse v Ayr
Sep12  1-0  Ayr v Ayr Parkhouse
Sep05  4-1  Maybole v Annbank
Sep05  0-6  Irvine Academicals v Kilwinning Eglinton
Sep05  0-2  Beith v Galston
Sep05  scr  Stevenston Thistle v Hurlford w/o
 East of Scotland, and Border Counties
Sep05  7-0  West Calder Swifts v Adventurers
Sep12  3-5  Black Watch v Bathgate
Sep05 10-1  Bo’ness v* Selkirk
       bye  Broxburn
 Glasgow, and Dumbartonshire
Sep05  w/o  Vale of Leven v Glasgow Normal Athletic scr
Sep05  w/o  Renton v Cameronians scr
       bye  Clyde
 Qualifying Cup Second Round
Sep19  2-2  Raith Rovers v Lochgelly United
Sep26  1-1  Lochgelly United v Raith Rovers
Oct03  0-1  Raith Rovers v Lochgelly United  at Dunfermline
Sep19  2-2  Hearts of Beath v East Fife
Sep26  1-1  East Fife v Hearts of Beath friendly as the referee appeared late
Oct03  0-0  East Fife v Hearts of Beath
Oct10  2-1  Hearts of Beath v East Fife  at Lochgelly
Sep19  6-2  Albion Rovers v Wishaw Amateurs
Sep19  4-4  Royal Albert v Hamilton Academical
Sep26  2-0  Hamilton Academical v Royal Albert
Sep26  0-1  Dundee Wanderers v Lochee United
       bye  Arbroath
Sep19  1-4  Duncrub Park v St Johnstone
Sep19  0-2  Strathallan v Vale of Teith
Sep19  2-2  Tulloch v Stanley
Sep26  3-2  Stanley v Tulloch
       bye  Scone
Sep19  1-4  Hurlford v Galston
Sep19  4-2  Kilwinning Eglinton v Maybole abandoned 80min stopped due to crowd encroachment. Tie awarded to K.E.
       bye  Ayr
 East of Scotland
Sep19  3-2  Broxburn v Bathgate protested ineligible player Cook
Sep26  1-2  Broxburn v Bathgate
Sep19  4-1  West Calder Swifts v Bo’ness
Sep19  5-1  Aberdeen v Bon-Accord Amateurs
 Northern Counties
Sep19  0-1  Inverness Thistle v Clachnacuddin
Sep19  4-2  Newton Stewart v Tarff Rovers
 Glasgow and Dumbartonshire
Sep19  2-2  Vale of Leven v Clyde
Sep26  1-0  Clyde v Vale of Leven
       bye  Renton
Sep19  2-2  Abercorn v Johnstone
Sep26  1-3  Johnstone v Abercorn
Sep26  7-0  Arthurlie v Kilbarchan
 Stirlingshire, and Clackmannanshire
Sep19  0-4  Clackmannan v Alloa Athletic
Sep19  0-1  Stenhousemuir v East Stirlingshire
Sep19  0-2  Dumfries v Maxwelltown Volunteers
       bye  Nithsdale Wanderers
Sep19  3-0  6th G.R.V. v Barholm Rovers
       bye  Douglas Wanderers
 Qualifying Cup Third Round
Oct03  1-1  Ayr v Galston
Oct10  0-0  Galston v Ayr
Oct17  2-0  Ayr v Galston
       bye  Kilwinning Eglinton
 East of Scotland
Oct03  1-3  Bathgate v West Calder Swifts
 Aberdeenshire, and Northern Counties
Oct03  6-1  Aberdeen v Clachnacuddin
Oct17  3-0  Hearts of Beath v Lochgelly United
 Stirlingshire, and Clackmannanshire
Oct03  3-0  Alloa Athletic v East Stirlingshire abandoned 67min crowd invasion. A.A. awarded tie
Oct10  3-2  Stanley v Scone
Oct03  4-0  St Johnstone v Vale of Teith
Oct03  2-2  Lochee United v Arbroath
Oct10  3-0  Arbroath v Lochee United
Oct03  1-1  Albion Rovers v Hamilton Academical
Oct10  1-2  Hamilton Academical v Albion Rovers
Oct03  0-2  Arthurlie v Abercorn
 Glasgow, and Dumbartonshire
Oct03  1-1  Renton v Clyde
Oct10  1-1  Clyde v Renton
Oct17  1-2  Renton v Clyde  at Celtic Park
 Southern Counties
Oct03  4-1  Nithsdale Wanderers v Douglas Wanderers
       bye  Newton Stewart, 6th G.R.V., Maxwelltown Volunteers
 Qualifying Cup Fourth Round – These 16 teams qualified for the First Round proper
 Ayrshire, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Dumbartonshire, Stirlingshire, and Renfrewshire
Oct24  2-7  Clyde v Albion Rovers
Oct24  1-2  Kilwinning Eglinton v Ayr
Oct17  2-0  Alloa Athletic v Abercorn
 East of Scotland, and Fifeshire
Oct24  2-1  West Calder Swifts v Hearts of Beath protested ineligible player
Oct31  5-3  West Calder Swifts v Hearts of Beath
 Aberdeenshire, Forfarshire, and Perthshire
Oct17  4-3  Arbroath v Aberdeen
Oct17  1-4  Stanley v St Johnstone
 Southern Counties
Oct17  0-4  Newton Stewart v Maxwelltown Volunteers
Oct17  1-1  6th G.R.V. v Nithsdale Wanderers
Oct24  3-0  Nithsdale Wanderers v 6th G.R.V.
 Qualifying Cup Fifth Round
 North, and East
Oct31  0-2  St Johnstone v Alloa Athletic abandoned 84min darkness due to A.A.’s late appearance
Nov07  1-2  St Johnstone v Alloa Athletic
Nov07  1-1  West Calder Swifts v Arbroath
Nov14  2-0  Arbroath v West Calder Swifts
 South, and West
Oct31  3-0  Ayr v* Nithsdale Wanderers
Oct31  1-4  Maxwelltown Volunteers v Albion Rovers
 Qualifying Cup Semi-finals
Nov14  0-0  Ayr v Albion Rovers
Nov21  1-0  Albion Rovers v Ayr
Nov21  3-0  Arbroath v Alloa Athletic
 Qualifying Cup Final
Nov28  2-4  Albion Rovers v Arbroath  at Dens Park
 First Round
Jan23  3-0  Dundee v Queen’s Park
       w/o  Third Lanark v Newton Stewart scr
Jan23  2-1  Alloa Athletic v Aberdeen
Jan23  2-2  Nithsdale Wanderers v Kilmarnock
Jan30  1-1  Kilmarnock v Nithsdale Wanderers
Feb06  2-1  Kilmarnock v Nithsdale Wanderers  at Rugby Park a.e.t. 1-1
Jan23  1-1  St Bernard’s v West Calder Swifts
Jan30  3-3  West Calder Swifts v St Bernard’s
Feb06  2-0  St Bernard’s v West Calder Swifts  at Mill Park, Bathgate
Jan06  8-1  Greenock Morton v* 6th G.R.V.
Jan23  1-2  Port Glasgow Athletic v Leith Athletic
Jan23  3-2  Rangers v Heart of Midlothian
Jan23  2-1  Hibernian v Airdrieonians
Jan23  2-2  Abercorn v Maxwelltown Volunteers
Jan30  1-1  Maxwelltown Volunteers v Abercorn
Feb06  2-1  Abercorn v Maxwelltown Volunteers  at Somerset Park
Jan23  2-0  St Johnstone v Hearts of Beath
Jan23  0-2  Ayr v St Mirren
       w/o  Celtic v Stanley scr
Jan23  2-1  Albion Rovers v* Kilwinning Eglinton
Jan23  2-1  Motherwell v Partick Thistle
Jan23  2-2  Clyde v Arbroath
Jan30  4-0  Arbroath v Clyde
 Second Round
Feb13  4-0  Dundee v Abercorn
Feb13  2-2  Kilmarnock v Albion Rovers
Feb20  0-1  Albion Rovers v Kilmarnock
Feb06  3-1  Third Lanark v Alloa Athletic
Feb06  1-2  Hibernian v Rangers
Feb06  3-1  Leith Athletic v Motherwell
Feb06  2-0  Greenock Morton v Arbroath
Feb13  0-4  St Bernard’s v Celtic
Feb06  4-0  St Mirren v St Johnstone
 Third Round
Feb20  1-3  Leith Athletic v Greenock Morton
Feb27  3-0  Third Lanark v Kilmarnock
Feb20  0-1  St Mirren v Rangers
Feb20  1-1  Celtic v Dundee
Feb27  0-0  Dundee v Celtic
Mar05  5-0  Celtic v Dundee  at Celtic Park
Mar19  2-1  Celtic v Third Lanark  at Celtic Park
Mar05  3-0  Rangers v Greenock Morton  at Ibrox Park
Apr16  3-2  Celtic v Rangers  at Hampden Park