Season 1875-76

First Ties
Oct16 0-0 Heart of Midlothian v 3rd Edinburgh R.V.
Oct23 0-0 3rd Edinburgh R.V. v Heart of Midlothian both qualified
bye Thistle (Edinburgh)
Oct09 2-2 Lennox v* Dumbarton
Oct16 1-0 Dumbarton v Lennox
Oct16 0-1 Alclutha v* Renton
scr Vale of Leven Rovers (Alexandria) v Vale of Leven w/o
Oct16 1-0 Helensburgh v* Star of Leven
Glasgow and Suburbs
Oct16 1-0 Clydesdale v Eastern
Oct16 2-0 3rd L.R.V. v Havelock
Oct23 0-0 Caledonian (Glasgow) v* Western
Oct30 0-3 Caledonian (Glasgow) v Western
Oct02 1-1 Partick v* West End (Cowlairs)
Oct16 1-1 West End (Cowlairs) v Partick both qualified
scr Queen's Park Juniors v Renton Thistle w/o
w/o Dumbreck v Vale of Leven Rovers (Glasgow) scr
Oct16 2-0 Towerhill v Lancelot
w/o Rovers v Oxford scr
Oct16 4-0 Northern v* Ramblers
Oct16 3-0 Queen's Park v* Alexandra Athletic
Oct16 3-0 St Andrew's (Glasgow) v* Telegraphists
Oct09 0-0 23rd Renfrewshire R.V. v* Sandyford
Oct16 0-0 Sandyford v 23rd Renfrewshire R.V. both qualified
Oct16 7-0 Rangers v 1st Lanarkshire R.V.
Oct16 0-0 Hamilton v Airdrie
Oct23 0-1 Airdrie v Hamilton
Oct09 0-0 Arthurlie v* Levern
Oct16 4-0 Levern v Arthurlie
Oct16 0-0 Drumpellier v Barrhead
Oct23 0-1 Barrhead v Drumpellier
scr Ardrossan v Mauchline w/o
Oct16 1-0 Kilbirnie v Ayr Thistle
Oct09 8-0 Kilmarnock v Ayr Eglinton
Second Ties
Nov13 3-0 Levern v Hamilton
Nov06 0-0 Thistle (Edinburgh) v 3rd Edinburgh R.V. abandoned 65min rain
Nov13 1-0 3rd Edinburgh R.V. v Thistle (Edinburgh)
Oct30 2-0 Drumpellier v Heart of Midlothian
Nov06 0-0 Kilbirnie v Mauchline
w/o Mauchline v Kilbirnie scr
Glasgow and Suburbs
Nov06 6-0 Clydesdale v Kilmarnock
Nov06 2-0 Dumbreck v St Andrew's (Glasgow)
Nov06 2-0 Partick v Towerhill
Nov06 5-0 Queen's Park v Northern
Oct30 0-1 3rd L.R.V. v Rangers protested
Nov13 1-2 Rangers v 3rd L.R.V. abandoned 83min darkness
Nov06 0-6 West End (Cowlairs) v Rovers
Nov06 3-0 Western v Sandyford
Nov13 3-0 Vale of Leven v Renton
Nov06 2-1 Dumbarton v Renton Thistle
Nov13 0-1 23rd Renfrewshire R.V. v Helensburgh
Third Ties
Nov27 4-0 Rovers v* 3rd Edinburgh R.V.
Nov27 0-5 Partick v Dumbreck
Nov27 3-0 Western v Helensburgh
Nov27 2-0 Queen's Park v Clydesdale
Nov27 1-5 Drumpellier v* Dumbarton
Nov27 0-6 Mauchline v* Vale of Leven at Victoria Park
Nov27 0-3 Levern v 3rd L.R.V.
Fourth Ties
Dec18 2-0 Queen's Park v Dumbreck
Dec18 5-0 3rd L.R.V. v Western
Dec18 2-0 Vale of Leven v Rovers abandoned darkness
bye Dumbarton
Fifth Ties
Jan08 2-1 Queen's Park v Vale of Leven at Hampden Park
Jan08 1-1 3rd L.R.V. v Dumbarton at Cathkin Park
Jan15 1-1 Dumbarton v 3rd L.R.V. at Boghead Park
Jan22 3-0 3rd L.R.V. v Dumbarton at Cathkin Park
Final Tie
Mar11 1-1 Queen's Park v 3rd L.R.V. at Hamilton Crescent
Mar18 2-0 Queen's Park v 3rd L.R.V. at Hamilton Crescent